Is Trashing Amazon the Next Big Thing?

The Dark Lord of Retail?

Is bashing the next big tech trend?

Anti-technology pundits have been around for a long time, but there is increasing negative coverage related specifically to one company,, with strident criticism of its business practices, its ethics and its impact on society at large.

Jim Hightower recently added to the public record in a much-discussed article entitled, “4 Ways Amazon’s Ruthless Practices are Crushing Local Economies,” published and shared in numerous places, including in both Alternet and Hightower also publishes a monthly newsletter and has written a book, “Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush,” a 2004 takedown of the George W. Bush presidency.

Hightower and his headline writers took out the big bat for the Amazon piece on, writing that “Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) has forged an empire by exploiting low-wage workers and extracting billions in government subsidies.”

Many bicycle dealers have similar views, regularly deriding the unfair competition from what they see as a powerful, clever and slippery business adversary, a job destroyer, a tax evader, a continuing emitter of general toxicity.

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