Stop the undead: buy local now

zombiecyclistA future world without bike shops would be a disaster for the cycling movement at all levels.

How bad could it get? Imagine millions of Lycra-clad zombies roaming the streets of a ruined world, desperate cyclists foraging through the wreckage of once-great stores, in desperate need of human contact, service, parts, and bikes, hoping beyond hope for a kind word of advice, a repair that makes that day’s ride possible, a tire without a gash, or maybe a shot of Gu.

But no. There is no local shop. They have to figure it out themselves, or order it and wait. Or maybe they try to fix it themselves. Maybe it’s their brakes, and they botch the job and die, but can’t. Maybe they don’t ride that day. Maybe they Continue reading “Stop the undead: buy local now”